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You want to plan for your future, build and preserve wealth, and protect your legacy.

You are our focus. You know what you want in life. You've always tried to do what's right financially, and now want to continue to build wealth that lasts your lifetime. You don't want to make mistakes or be taken advantage of. You need clarity and confidence that you're on the right path, and that what you've set out to accomplish will happen. You're worried about paying too much in fees, and don't feel like you have a comprehensive financial plan. You're open to learning more about your investments and ready to partner with a financial planner that will bring you lasting peace of mind.


No one strategy fits everyone, which is why every client gets specialized attention--from planning, to execution, to follow-up. We take a proactive approach, and develop a strategy to address your financial goals using the most efficient methods possible. We are a fiduciary-based firm, which ensures we always place the interests of our clients ahead of our own.

Recognizing that everyone encounters challenges along the way, we strive to anticipate and address those situations before they occur. We want to keep you on track toward a meaningful and purpose-driven financial future. 

Empress Investment Group believes that education is a vital component to financially empowering our clients. Financial independence helps enrich our lives, which is why Empress Investment Group conducts ongoing educational workshops that all clients can attend free of charge.


No two individuals have the same exact financial make-up (assets, income, expenses, age, risk tolerance, etc.) which is why everyone deserves a plan customized for their needs. We aim to be the advisory firm that will help you to not only build your wealth, but also manage and protect it regardless of economic conditions. We are committed to building long-lasting and personal relationships with each client, and ultimately seek to take the guesswork out of the financial planning process for you.


Investment Strategies & Services Offered for Individuals and Businesses: 

  • Investment Strategies/Wealth Management 

  • Retirement Income Planning

  • Tax Reduction Strategies  

  • Estate Planning/Wealth Transfer 

  • Long-Term Care and Life Insurance

  • 401k Rollovers and IRA Transfers/Roth Conversions

  • Financial Planning/Asset Protection Planning

  • Tuition Planning 

  • Annuities 

  • Retirement Planning (401k, TSA/403b, 457, 401a, IRAs, Defined Benefit Plans, Deferred Compensation, Solo K, Roth, SEP and Simple IRAs, etc.)  



Steve photo.jpeg

Steve Brahy, CFP® CRPS® is a Financial Advisor at Empress Investment Group. Steve has over 30 years of experience helping individuals plan for retirement...

Martinez, Angelica -Headshot.jpg

As an Operations Manager at Empress Investment Group, Angelica oversees day-to-day operations to ensure our firm is running smoothly and efficiently.


Mira is a Financial Advisor at Empress Investment Group with a wide range of experience in the financial services industry...

Kera Monroe - Headshot.jpg

Kera Monroe

Kera is a Paraplanner/Insurance Agent at Empress Investment Group, and has worked in the financial services industry for 10 years.

Los Angeles Certified Financial Planner Meagan Phelps

Meagan Phelps is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ at Empress Investment Group. At a young age, after watching her mother receive...

Christine Headshot.jpg

Christine DiRuscio is a Financial Advisor at Empress Investment Group. She comes to us with a rich background in the financial industry...

Our Team
Logan, Caroline - Headshot.jpg

Caroline Logan

Caroline is a Client Relationship Specialist at Empress Investment Group and has worked in the financial services industry for over 5 years.

Derek headshot 2_edited.jpg

Derek Lewis has 33 years of experience in Taxation. He has memberships in the following professional organizations...

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The greatest compliment a client can give is the referral of a family member or friend. 

Empress Elite Club is an exclusive group for our clients who support us through referrals. Through the years, we've built a successful financial advisory firm largely through word of mouth and referrals from our existing clients. As a token of our appreciation, we've founded the Empress Elite Club. As a member, you will be invited to a special invite-only event held each year. 

Qualification is simple! Just refer a friend or family member to our firm. Once your referral becomes a client, you will receive confirmation from our office that you are now a member of our exclusive club. It's that easy!

Who should you refer? 

  • Individuals who are retiring in the near future, or recently changed jobs

  • Those looking to set up a financial plan and get organized    

  • Anyone who is not happy with their current financial advisor and/or would like a second opinion  

  • Parents wanting to save for children's education  

  • Women who are in the process/recently divorced, or widowed  

  • Baby boomers concerned about protecting their nest egg  

  • New parents who may need life insurance and estate planning  

  • Individuals who are concerned about how to pay for long term care needs  

  • People who complain about paying too much in taxes  

  • Anyone you know who recently received an inheritance and has concerns regarding management and taxation 


*Note: Membership is determined on a calendar year basis.

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