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Los Angeles Top Rated Financial Advisor

Feel clear & confident about your financial future
Using our 4-Step Prosperity Planning Process, we help women plan for their future, preserve wealth, and protect their legacy.   


A financial planning firm can help you invest in all major asset classes in a way that meets your investment goals. Investment strategies vary widely, and the firm can match their expertise to your financial situation. For example, you may have a plan for retirement, but if you find that the market isn't performing well, you may want to look into hiring a wealth manager who has experience in the field of alternative investments. Your investment strategy should take these factors into account.


Whether you're looking for investment advice, retirement planning, or a financial planner for retirement planning, Empress Investment Group can provide you with the personalized advice you need. We provide financial education to empower our clients hosting complimentary webinars and seminars that focus on tax planning, market volatility, and more. Before deciding on a wealth management firm, ask about the availability of your advisor. How often do they meet with you and what are their preferred methods of communication? You don't want to be left in the dark about how your assets are being managed.


One of the most important aspects of effective wealth management is tax planning. Taxes are a major factor in many investment plans, and without a clear understanding of how taxes affect your plans, you could find yourself paying more taxes than you ever thought possible. There are many strategies for reducing the overall tax burden, but only the top financial advisors can truly assist you in achieving your financial goals.


To find the right tax strategy for you and your family, contact Empress Investment Group. Our professional financial advisors are dedicated to helping all our clients reach their financial goals. Get the guidance and knowledge you need and deserve on your portfolio. Book your free consultation today!

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